Oct 212013

September Float Trip

We had a great turnout for the “All-Family” outing as we floated down the Jacks Fork River.  We had great weather, a spectacular foil pack dinner challenge and lots of fun!

With a late arrival and setting up in the dark, all the boys and adults worked together to get things ready for the weekend.  Then lights out and sleepytime!

Saturday morning presented the group with a bit of chilly fog, so all prepared their breakfasts and filled up before heading out to our put-in location.  A slow bus ride through the hilly terrain yielded good conversation and some really nice views of the area.

Everyone strapped on their PFD’s, hopped in their respective canoes or kayaks and off we went down the river.  The water levels were a little low, which meant getting out and walking your boat in some spots.  There were a few “water-loggin” situations, but all in all everyone who wanted to stay dry did just that.

After a quick lunch on the sandbar, with some rock skipping and stories shared, we were off again for the second half of the float.  There were more paddle battles (splashing), and even a few upturned boats.  It was a good time, but after 12 miles, the end was a welcome sight.  We returned our rental gear and then headed to camps to change clothes and prepare our dinners.

With foil packs all around, and the “Old Goats” hosting our guests of honor, a hearty meal was consumed and then a campfire and cobbler topped off the night.

Sunday morning was another foggy cool time, but it was tear down, pack up and clear out as all headed back home.  We are all looking forward to our next float trip – date TBD.

Photos are pending.

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