Mar 252013

March Campout – Treehouses @ S-F Scout Ranch

This was a great first campout for many of our new Scouts who recently crossed over from Cub Scouts.  Scouts earned their Totin’ Chip and Toasted Chit; everyone went on a hike to Castle Rock and had a great time climbing around there.  The new Scouts also gained experience in preparing meals and cleaning up after the meals.  The “Old Goats” prepared dessert for the Troop including two different cobblers and a pineapple upside down cake.

We had great weather Friday night and Saturday, but starting later Saturday night the rain began to fall.  By Sunday morning we had hail, sleet, snow rain and fog – quite the mix!  As we returned home to the St. Louis area, the snow was really piling up – between 6-10 inches across the area!

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